December 7, 1916


We were drilling all day. Went to the show at Folkestone and got back late. Nice bright weather.

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2 Responses to December 7, 1916

  1. Stuart Jones says:

    It amazes me how much drill they did although I do hope it wasn’t all square-bashing (marching) and that some of it was training.

    What used to be called The School of Musketry is just down the road from Folkestone so they hopefully spent time on the ranges before being posted to France.

  2. Not much detail on what it was that they were doing, most of the time “drilling” or “on fatigue”. I hope that some of it was out at that School of Musketry! I’m not sure of the standard length of time for raw recruits in the training camp, or whether it was purely a function of when they required more of them in France.

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