January 7, 1917

Sunday [Dublin]

Got up at 8.30, had breakfast and went around to see Jack’s relatives at the parks.

Was out for supper.

Got to bed at 4.30am, danced and ragtimed[?] all night.

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2 Responses to January 7, 1917

  1. Cheryl Kemsley says:

    This is so interesting…. as I am in Trinity College right now… I am seeing sort of the same sites he was about 100 years later! I dont know what any of the unknown words are on the other posts – but if they are Dublin specific I will try to help out!

    • Must be fascinating to see the same sights through his eyes from 100 years ago. He’s only on leave in Dublin for a few days, then back to the southeast of England until he ships out to France.

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