February 11, 1917

Sunday [Folkestone]

Had church parade then muster parade. Roll call again at 4 o’clock. Wrote letters, went to YMCA. No word yet about France. Nice & mild.

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2 Responses to February 11, 1917

  1. Tony Byrne says:

    What I find so interesting — and also so sad — is that even at this late stage in the war it seems like most of the prep is marching and parading, with little practical advice or training (unless I’m missing it or he’s not writing about it) about how to survive let along succeed in trench warfare. Perhaps their superiors simply didn’t want to have them preview the horror. Or were ignorant themselves.

  2. I suppose for new recruits, a lot of early training was about following orders but I would expect to see more about training. I believe, however, that the term “parade” does refer to drills and training, not just marching around, although I’ve never been in the army.

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