March 27, 1917

Tuesday [Le Havre]

Bright but cold today. Lectures & drills. Got box from home. Wrote letters at canteen. Expect to go to the city tomorrow. [???] in our tent at present.

[At top of page]

Mr. Woodrow death Mar 27th, buried Mar 30th 2.30 PM

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4 Responses to March 27, 1917

  1. Christine says:

    First [???] = “expect”? Andrew also wondered about “next”.

    Second [???] = “torture”?? Really, really not sure of this one! Andrew had no suggestions.

    Top of page, suggestion from Andrew: 2:30 pm

  2. I’m good with “expect”. The other one looked like “torture” to me, too, but not sure that makes sense.

    • Christine says:

      What about Andrew’s suggestion of “2:30 pm” for the [???} at the top of the page? That looked pretty good to me, and made sense in context.

      Re “torture”, I totally agree.

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