November 14, 1917

Wednesday [Barlin, France]

Left Watou at 6.30 for Barlin via Steimbourg [Steenvoorde?], Hazebrouck and Lillers. Got here at 10.30 and had dinner on time.,+Belgium&daddr=Steenvoorde,+France+to:Hazebrouck,+France+to:Lillers,+France+to:Barlin,+France&hl=en&geocode=FRwLCAMdzPwnACmV70Fmy-ncRzEV8ER9ifRl3Q%3BFZVlBwMddksnACljBOKELubcRzHzkj4yDczIcQ%3BFTgKBgMd28smACmhtxS4UOHcRzHQZmSBPvEKBA%3BFSGMAwMd99klAClLyqZZjhvdRzFQ5WOBPvEKBA%3BFb7oAQMdjO4nACkZL_Zqbj3dRzGyxy2WPkk6EA&aq=0&sll=50.657745,2.571445&sspn=0.720852,1.322479&vpsrc=0&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=50.658167,2.570801&spn=0.40483,0.15872&t=m&output=embed
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