May 11, 1918

Saturday [Tincques]

Back from railhead at 10.30. Went to RH again at 1.15. Went to Penin with load [of] wood.

1st Bde [Brigade]: – Penin
2nd    ”   –   Liencourt
3rd    ”   –   Harbarq [Harbarcq]
D.T    ”   –   Bray
Railhead at Tincques

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5 Responses to May 11, 1918

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    Bde would be Brigade normally (see There’s a mapping of Canadian battalions to brigades here:

    Last one, second letter could be J rather than T? Could first letter also be a Q? No idea what Q.J would stand for…

    • Re your thoughts on the last one, the second letter looks like the first letter in what Sandy has deciphered as Teincourt and Tincques. So probably a T.

    • Nigel, thanks for the “bde” translation.

      After poring over that area of Google Maps, I found Liencourt (what I originally had as Tiencourt), but I’m still unsure about “Bray” since I can’t find anything like that around there. There is a Bray-sur-Somme, but that’s a bit too far to the south.

  2. Nigel Thomas says:


    Given Tinques is in Pas de Calais, I used Google Maps to find “Bray, Pas de Calais, Nord Pas de Calais, France”. It’s just south of Mont St Eloi about 18k east from Tinques, and on a line roughly north west from Arras just off the D341.

    Cheers Nigel

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