June 6, 1918

Thursday [Tincques]

Received 9 letters from Canada today. Very pleased to hear from Canada but none from home.

Cyn 2, MW 1, MM 1, DJ 1, CJ 1, WL 1, ML 1, GR 1.

No fatigue today.

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6 Responses to June 6, 1918

  1. xinef82 says:

    How many of those initials can you identify? (just curious!)

    • Cyn is Cynthia, who he later married and became my grandmother.
      MW is likely Mrs. Woodrow, who he has mentioned several times.
      The rest are a mystery, even when looking at the front pages of the 1918 journal which contains some addresses.

      • xinef82 says:

        Rats. I hoped you’d be able to match more against the names in the address book. Oh well.

  2. SherryFromSF says:

    Why so many letters all on one day? Was it near his birthday or some special occasion? Were there issues preventing the mail from coming through earlier?

    • His birthday was May 10, so a bit late for that. Could just be that the mail had been held up for a while, and had just come through. There was a war going on, after all. 😉

  3. SherryFromSF says:

    Makes sense. 😉

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