June 13, 1918

Thursday [Tincques]

Went to train then on coal. Went to 3rd Dump [?] at Brys [?]then to Warvon [?] and then back to home. Got back about 2 o’clock. Corp. H.Q. at Brys.

Wrote letters and had a bath in afternoon.

Sports near Tincques today.

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2 Responses to June 13, 1918

  1. xinef82 says:

    Looks to me like 3rd “Dump”.

    Dunno about Brys and Warvon. That is what those place names look like to me too. But no luck searching for them.

    • Dump looks reasonable, I added that in but left a question mark if anyone else has any comments. Same here on the place names, I searched around. Sometimes he uses a best guess at spelling, and it’s more phonetic.

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