July 2, 1918

Tuesday [Tincques]

Train again. Went to Brias then on fatigue. To Wavrans then to Bethonsart and back to camp.

Wrote letters at night.

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2 Responses to July 2, 1918

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communes_of_the_Pas-de-Calais_department, possible candidates are Wamin (possibly transposed here as Wanim/Wanem) or one of 2 Wavrans

    Wamin is a couple of miles SW of Azincourt. Maps put it around 30km from Brias – they’d have needed motor transport of some kind. Brias, Tincques and Bethonsart are all much closer together.

    Wavrans surTernoise looks the better bet logically – only around 5km from Brias. But it’s quite hard to make it fit the script 🙂

    Regards Nigel

    • I’m going to go with Wavrans-sur-Ternoise, with the assumption that he only used the first word — I saw that in other entries for other long names as well. It does seem to fit the geography. Thanks!

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