July 25, 1918

Thursday [Agnez-lès-Duisans]

Some rain today. 3rd drawing [?] from Duisans.

Got 4 letters today. C.B. [Cynthia Brooks] 2, Mother W & M. Labow. [?] Played cards and slept in afternoon . Wrote letters at night to Mother W & M.L. & C.B.

Received Helen’s [?] pictures.

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3 Responses to July 25, 1918

  1. First [?]: Looks like “3rd drawing” to me too
    First [???]: Not sure, maybe “Duisans”? Really not sure of that one. I wonder if a “drawing” could be some sort of military term, not as in art. In which case, this [???] could be a place name or a person’s name? He usually put work stuff first and then the personal like letters, etc. So could be either.
    Second [?]: Looks like could be either “Labow” or “Labour”, not sure.
    Second [???]: Looks like “Helen’s” to me.

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