August 12, 1918

Monday [Boves]

Got through train about 11 o’clock. Went to Caix with a load of groceries. Dumped and came back through Le Quesnel. Got home about 4 o’clock. Had bath and wrote letters. Got a letter from Mrs. Powers today.

Bright & warm.

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3 Responses to August 12, 1918

  1. xinef82 says:

    I think it looks more like “Porness” than “Parness”. That second letter looks more like his “o”s than “a”s.

    • An update from my mom: “I read your grandfather’s entry today and I believe the name is Mrs Powers. The Powers had a store in town and it being a small town every one knew every one and so soldiers and sailers got remembered by the town folk. No doubt grandma [Cynthia, Frank’s bride-to-be] knew the Powers and some may have belonged to the Lodge. Great Grandma [Frank’s mother] knew everyone I think as well.”

      • xinef82 says:

        Easy to see it as “Powers” once the suggestion has been made!! At least I was right about the “o”.

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