September 12, 1918


Thursday [Aubigny]

Got back from rail head about 11 o’clock. Went to QM stores in afternoon. More rain today. Went to concert tonight by 32nd M.G.C. and it was very good. Got home about 9.30.

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2 Responses to September 12, 1918

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    Could it be 32nd MGC, a Machine Gun Company? See although that says that 32nd MGC amalgamated into the 11th Machine Gun Battalion on the 28th of February 1918. Maybe they kept their company identity. Would an MG company have been big enough to put up a concert?

    Regards Nigel

    • No idea if they would have been big enough, but it seems to make sense, and that does look like a capital G (now). Since the amalgamation had been not that long before, they may well have maintained the separate identity.

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