November 11, 1918


I didn’t go to train today. Went on coal to Montigny[-en-Ostrevent?] to second brigade. Got back about four oclock. Wrote letters this evening.

No mail today.

Armistice signed at 11am today.

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3 Responses to November 11, 1918

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    “Armistice signed” seems to get less of a reaction than the recent concerts for example. Did Frank realise this was really the end of the war, or did he think it might all start again? Interesting that it’s the last sentence for the day – maybe he only added this note later?

    Regards Nigel

    • The note was definitely added later – if you look at the scanned page, it’s in a different colour of ink. Also, he had originally added it to the next day (on the right side of the same scanned page), so likely they did not hear about it until the next day, then he went back and added it to the 11th.

      Not sure why the lack of any commentary. Maybe he knows (and I know, because I’ve looked ahead in the journals) that he has another 6 months to go before he’s home.

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