December 25, 1918

1918-12-25 1918-end-07



We were supposed to get up at five o’clock but didn’t get up till 9.30 then had breakfast. Waited all day for train till 4 o’clock. Unloaded train, got through about six o’clock. Lorries all went to Bonn for dinner at 9 o’clock. We came home and had dinner about 8 o’clock. Menu: roast mutton, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, plum pudding and rum sauce, Christmas cake from Canada and Vin Blanc, rum, beer, cigars and cigarettes. Music on player piano & music box. Ended evening by having a sing song. All went to bed very merry.

No mail for me today.

[page from endnotes]


Christmas Dinner at Rösrath, Germany

Cpl. Wm Mudge, Van [Vancouver]
Pte W.D. Fraser, Van
” L Flannigan, F.W.
” ASL Davis, Ham [Hamilton]
” J. Scholis, Toronto
” H. Brazier, Collingwood
” J. Kennedy, Kingston
” Ellse, Sask. [Saskatoon]
” F.W. Kemsley, Picton


Roast mutton, mashed potates, brown gravy, Christmas pudding and rum sauce, Christmas cake and vin blanc, rum, beer.

Cigars, cigarettes.

Music on player piano and on music box.

Everything turned out fine.

Hoped by everyone to be back in Canada by Christmas 1919

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3 Responses to December 25, 1918

  1. What an excellent Christmas dinner. Still stuck in Europe but at least the war was over.

  2. SherryFromSF says:

    I especially loved the music via player piano. I have a player piano that was probably used on a ship in one of the wars. 😀

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