Important Deeds Done

Endnotes From 1918 Journal

1918-12-31 1918-end-05

Aug 4th 1914
Britain declared war on Germany

Aug 23rd
Battle of Mons

Oct 11
Battle of Ypres

April 25, 1915
Allies land in Gallipoli

May 2nd
Russian front broken

May 7
Lusitania torpedoed

May 23rd
Italy declared war

Oct 13
Murder of Nurse Cavell

July 1st 1916
British attack on Somme

Mar 12 1917
Revolution in Russia

Apr 5th
America declared war

[continued on later page]

April 9 1917
Battle of Arras

Dec 9th
Fall of Jerusalem

Feb 10 1918
Russia out of the war

Mar 21st
Big German offensive

July 18th
Turn of the tide

July 30
Bulgaria surrenders

Oct 1st
St. Quentin taken

Oct 17th
Ostend, Lille & Douai recaptured

Oct 30th
Turkey surrenders

Nov 3
Austria surrenders

Nov 11th
Capture of Mons [by Canadian troops, last shots fired in WWI]
Germany surrenders

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5 Responses to Important Deeds Done

  1. Nigel Thomas says:

    The murder was the execution of Nurse Edith Cavell – see for the whole story.

    Happy New Year!


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