February 19, 1919



Went to train at 9.30. Got finished at 11.30. Got paid at three o’clock. Went up town at night for a walk.

No mail today.

Very mild with a little rain.

[remainder in different handwriting, in French]

Frank beaucoup plaisir avec camerade.

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4 Responses to February 19, 1919

  1. Avec camerade, I think. I assume he is asking one person to write down useful French phrases to try out on someone else?

    • Looks good – updated! Definitely an explanation, although I find it strange that he would let someone else write in his journal. Also begs the question as to where they were when that was written: did he carry the journal with him, so that he’s in town at the cafe? Or written by someone near where he is staying?

      • sherry says:

        I think the person with the new handwriting is addressing him:
        “Frank — I am very pleased with your friendship”. Maybe the friend found the journal, and wrote in it, basically, I like you, I’m having fun with you. ??? Possible? If so, who is this mystery journalist?

      • The identity of the other writer is a mystery! Would love to find out more.

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