March 14, 1919



Went to train at 9.45. Got finished at 11.30. No 2nd Brigade today. Went up to Rue D’Italie after dinner & had supper there. Went down to cafe about 9 o’clock and saw George. Got home about 10 o’clock. Had cocoa and went to bed. Got a letter from Mother and one from Harry’s sister today. Bright and warm today.

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2 Responses to March 14, 1919

  1. cforber says:

    Any idea what he’s actually doing at this point in time, workwise? And not much problem for a while deciphering his writing – neater from less stress?

    • No idea – I assume that they’re providing support to the troops leaving the field, there’s an awful lot of loading and unloading of trains going on that I assume is supplies. Also think that it’s interesting that he no longer mentions Cynthia (who he later married) – not sure if they are taking a break at this point.

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