March 29, 1919

1919-03-28Le Havre


Got up about 8.30. Had breakfast at Y.M.C.A. Stayed there till noon. Had dinner. Had a parade at 2 o’clock. Got put into our groups for tonight. Had supper at 4 o’clock and went for a walk around camp and to the cinema. Just before the show started they came in and called us out. We left camp about 7 o’clock. Got on the boat about 8.30. We left France at 9.30. The sea was very quiet. Lots of music on board. Had a good sleep. Wrote a couple of letters before leaving camp.

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2 Responses to March 29, 1919

  1. Sherry From SF says:

    “Lots of music on board”. My old player piano, origin unknown, is suspected to have been used on a war ship, probably the 2nd world war. 😀

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