April 5, 1919



Left Euston Station at 8.10am. Got into Holyhead at 2 o’clock. Got the Duke of Connaught to Kingstown. Got into Dublin about 7 o’clock. Played cards coming over. Went up to see the folks at night. Staying at 102 [?] Middle Abbey Rd [Street] Y.M.C.A. Didn’t get to bed till 3.30am.

Nice and warm today.

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2 Responses to April 5, 1919

  1. Cheryl Kemsley says:

    I am sitting here with my aunt (Carol) and dad (Doug) looking out over the port in Dublin where he would have came in. I know exactly where that address is in Dublin and I can understand why he would stay up until 3:30am in this city 🙂

    • Very cool! I remember Dublin as a great place for late night, too, although I hadn’t read his journals when I went there. I suspect that he is visiting “Hannah”: he has mentioned her a few times, including one where she sent shamrocks, and in his address book there is an entry for “Misses K & H Whitston, 29 Pembroke Cottages, Donnybrook Dublin”. His mentions of Cynthia (my grandmother, your great-grandmother) have dropped significantly over the past few months, so thinking that he might be stepping out with Hannah. 🙂

      I started plotting out his locations on a Google map at some point, although didn’t have many of the earlier ones — some day I may visit some of the places where he spent a lot of time, such as Huy. You can see the map here, also linked in the sidebar.

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