April 6, 1919

Hannah’s B.D. [birthday] 22


Got up at 8.30. Looked around for a barbershop, couldn’t find one. Had breakfast & then shaved myself. Went to Donnybrook about 11.30. Went to football match at Pheonix [Phoenix] Park, Wexford vs Tipperary. 2-1 points for Wexford. Went back, had supper & a musical evening. Got last tram down. Got in at 11.30.

Nice & warm today again. Wrote letter home.

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3 Responses to April 6, 1919

  1. Cheryl Kemsley says:

    I too have watched a football match there! I am thinking it would be Gaelic football – which is a much different game to both football and soccer.
    The house I am currently living in is about a 10 walk to Phoenix park.

    • Yes, I assumed Gaelic football as well — that’s why I linked to the GAA team webpages of the two teams that he mentioned.

      Very exciting to have you there checking out his locations!

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