April 10, 1919



Got up at 10.30. Had breakfast & got cleaned up. Went for a walk before dinner. Met Mr. Whitston. Went for a long walk. Had dinner at the Dolphin Hotel and went on up to Donnybrook. Went around to see Milltown. Saw some old relics of years gone by and a very nice time. Left about 10.30 and got the last tram home.

A little cooler today but very nice.

Jack went to Tipperary this morning to see his people.

[Note: the address book at the end of the diary has an entry for “Misses K&H Whitston, 29 Pembroke Cottages, Donnybrook Dublin”, which is likely “Hannah”. If so, then Mr. Whitston may be her father.]

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3 Responses to April 10, 1919

  1. Betty says:

    At least he’s writing during this leave unlike last time when he left us completely in the dark. It sounds like he had a terrific time.

  2. Carol Cairns (Kemsley) says:

    This is quite a story! Would be interesting to find out what happened to Hannah. By coincidence, my mother’s mother’s name was Hannah (from England). Certainly sounds like he was enjoying long days and long car rides. Do you know when Frank and Cynthia were married?

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