April 18, 1919

1919-04-17London & travelling

Good Friday

Got up at eight o’clock. Had breakfast & got cleaned up. Went to Waterloo Station and checked our packs & found out the time of the trains. Everything shut up today, just like Sunday. Had dinner and wrote a letter home. Saw a lot of our boys today. Left Waterloo Station at 2.15 for Hazelmere [Haslemere]. Got in there about 5 o’clock. Got into camp about 6 o’clock. Got fixed up regarding kit & blankets & turning in pass. After that I had a good wash and went to the Y.M.C.A. for supper. Worte a letter to Hannah. Got to bed quite early. Bright and very warm today.

Got a letter from Mother & one from Jerry Lapier & a card from H.B.

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2 Responses to April 18, 1919

  1. cforber says:

    Nice to see longer entries from him. And the header stuff belonged to Apr 17, not 18.

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