May 8, 1919



Got up at 7 o’clock (A.T.) [Atlantic Time]. Time put back 60 minutes at Mont-Joli at 7.25 am. Good trip through. Sent a telegram home from Levis. Got into Montreal at 9.15. Went to Khaki Club & had supper. Left G.T.R. [Grand Trunk Railway] at 11 pm. Stopped at Prescott, Brockville & Kingston. All stopped in Montreal by Pattie W. Jay & myself.

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4 Responses to May 8, 1919

  1. Sherry From SF says:

    I am no longer able to click on the image and see it large enough, so I cant try to read his writing and assist. 😦

  2. Sherry From SF says:


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